Tempeh Philly Wrap

Tonight’s dinner was all set to be stuffed bell peppers, courtesy of the plentiful little gems that are everywhere right now–in our garden, in our CSA bag, in D’s classroom as a “farewell summer” gift from a fellow teacher… until D called while I was on the way home and told me I took the last of the (cooked) quinoa for lunch today. I’m not sorry– it was FANTASTIC with some leftover roasted broccoli and onions and pared with BBQ tempeh! 😉

I didn’t want D to go through the hassle of making a batch of quinoa, so I spent the drive brainstorming about what was in the house and came up with …

D said I couldn't call it a Philly Cheese'steak' because it was too misleading, but I think it does it justice...

D said I couldn’t call it a Philly Cheese’steak’ because it was too misleading, but I think it does it justice…

I’m holding the recipe hostage until this weekend (because I promised D a date night before the school year starts) but if you’re reading this and like what you see, or just like the antics of what happens in our house on a weekly basis, please follow us we’re fun people to be with, I promise!

Just click on the “follow” button in the bottom right corner of your screen (for you WordPress users it’s on the top admin bar) and enter in your email address–you’ll automatically be updated when we post a new recipe! 

I promise to return this weekend with the step by step directions of how to make this non-Philly cheesesteak for yourself; I promise it’s still a quick, healthy, and easy dinner for those busy nights!


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