Nobody’s Perfect….

We’re having a sick night in my house– D went to the dentist and had some work done, and the numbing agent hasn’t quite worn off yet. I’m enjoying making him repeat things because he’s not enunciating 😉 I then came home from work with a sore throat, so things are pretty quiet here with neither of us talking much — a rarity!

I mentioned in my first post , there are some  nights we simply have to turn to our easy staples. I wouldn’t call it admitting defeat, but it’s better/healthier/cheaper than takeout!

Tonight we pulled out an old favorite–instant mac and cheese with edamame. I will be the first to admit there isn’t much nutritional value in a box of mac and cheese, but if you’re going to succumb to something unhealthy, at least perk it up a little! We add frozen (shelled) edamame into the boiling pasta water about 2-3 minutes before the pasta is done. Drain and prepare like usual—we skip the milk and just add the ‘cheese’ and some Almond Milk. The sauce coats the edamame the same way it does the pasta, and you won’t even notice the extra health benefit (other than the bright green beans hiding in your mac!) D shakes red pepper flakes on top of his for some extra punch.

What’s your go-to-meal on those nights you just can’t bring yourself to cook?


3 thoughts on “Nobody’s Perfect….

  1. “we skip the milk and just add the cheese and some almond milk”… ummm, is that like saying you skip the butter and just add margarine?

    and I definitely made this meal for L at lunch today, with frozen peas instead of edamame. great minds think alike! 🙂

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